We lead busy lives and sometimes, we forget the damage we cause our planet.

Joining 1 More Tree, as a patron is a small step to show you care and restore the environment.

'We take pride in providing a service that is socially and environmentally responsible; reflected in our work with Island Schools, Charities and a firm commitment to protect the Islands environment through our Carbon Reduction and Recycling Schemes'. PC Consultants


Alone we can plant a few trees and absorb our carbon footprint, with your help we can create a better future.

Our business is reliant on our supporters. Your help and support mean we can focus on planting trees.


Helping us will have a direct effect on the way people see your business.

As a patron, you are supporting everything we do at 1 More Tree and can take credit for this. 



01 Bragging rights

A patron may refer to the progress of 1 More Tree in their own marketing material or press releases.

A progress update will be issued to patrons every quarter.


02 Patron Logo

A logo will be distributed for patrons to use on their marketing material as they see fit.


03 Marketing

Patron's details will be posted on the www.1moretree.com website and our social media.


04 PR

Patrons will be included when possible, in any PR offered by 1 More Tree.


05 Events

Patrons will be invited to all 1 More Tree planting events.


Small Business

1-3 Employees

£35.00/per year

Medium Business

4-30 Employees

£60.00/per year

Large Business

31 plus Employees

£90.00/per year


All patron funds go to the operational requirements of 1 More Tree to guarantee any donations and contributions for trees will be used exclusively for the planting of trees.

Thank you for your support.

1 More Tree Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales ( 11038379 ).  

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