Staplers Farm Ancient Woodlands 001

Project details

Project status - Always LIVE

Commence Date - July 2017


  1. Project size 2.47 Hectairs
  2. Tree volume Ancent Woodland
  3. Tree Types Native Varied
  4. Forestry Maintenance

The project will be the first of 2 existing woodlands we are agreeing to maintain.


This unique woodland adoption program that will raise much-needed funds. Your generosity will allow for professional stewardship of the woods.

  • Coppice Havel strands and new growth.
  • Maintain stock fencing and access gates
  • Manage dead dying and dangerous trees.
  • Protect and manage the ancient trees.
  • Maintain bridges walkways and access points.
  • Maintain streams and ponds.
  • Create and manage Glades, rides and meadows, to support wildlife, as well as ancient bluebell and wild garlic areas.

Maintenance will sustain the woodlands its trees, wildlife and plants for future generations.




The project is located at the home of Isle of Wight Lavender


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