1 More Xmas Tree

Our unique Xmas tree kit has all you need to grow 2 amazing Nordmann fir trees.


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3 Seeds Abies Nordmanniana
All our seeds are selected from a reliable source and the seeds are checked for health and reliability.
Stratification Kit
Tissue and a bag to place in the fridge.
3 Bio Plugs

Natural Biodegradable Organic Coir Plug, for potting.



A Christmas Tree is not just for Christmas!

Breaking Dormancy

All seeds are dormant (asleep) and nature has a clever way to wake them up, called spring! Putting seeds into the fridge mimic winter, and taking them from the cold to the warm mimics spring. Your seeds may grow if you just dodge the fridge instruction but the chance of growth will not be as good.

NOTE: Occasionaly seeds fail to germinate, but this is not realy a failure more like a delay. The normal cycle of germination can fail but their are still seeds in their. Assuming seeds are all in their plugs, so suggest the following.

Take each plug and ensure the seed is covered a little soil from the garden your potting shed supply or aquired on your next walk ,will cover them nicely.

If unfortunatly the fridge and freezer meathod has failed, pot the plugs outside in a large pot, and wait for the next winter to take its natural effect.


Water regularly, do not allow it to dry out.

Too much or not enough water will kill your tree. A potted tree is like your other pot plants, you need to check water levels constantly.

Tip: Touch the soil with your finger and it comes away clean it needs water if it feels wet and your finger has soil on it then leave it for a day.


Your tree needs some sunlight, but really it will grow anywhere, however, if it is in constant sun it will need more water.

Once your tree is living in the garden bring it in as late as possible and make sure that you place it away from direct heat, fires/radiators.

Tip: When taking the tree out do not put it straight out into an exposed situation — a garage or similar situation will allow it to acclimatize.


If all goes well with germination you should have a small 20cm tree after the first year. Following years, with a little care and attention, your tree should grow by about 30 cm per year.

Your tree will respond better if you feed it during the growing season (spring/summer).


The bigger the tree the bigger the roots of a tree, so regular repotting is needed. As a simple rule change the pot every year. Best to repot after it is taken back outside after Xmas. Repot into a pot that is at least 10cm (4ins) larger in diameter. Use a multipurpose potting compost. Add 10 – 15% garden bark mulch to aid drainage.
adding a few worms to the mix will also help.

How long can I keep it in its pot?

It is up to your ability to move the tree, and the tree being happy in the pot. If your tree is suffering and can’t be repotted plant it permanently in the ground. It has done its job and will live happily for another 50+years.

The Simple Rule

Always be guided by the tree. If it looks unhappy check water pot size and where it is.

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