where we believe, finding a patch of empty ground and

planting a few trees is a great day











Planting Trees for a Better Future


At 1 More Tree, we are not political, and we do not picket or lobby government. We are definitely not fanatical or even tree - huggers. We plan to get up every morning and plant a few trees, and not to stop until we run out of space.




'After a career in sales I decided to plant a few trees and got carried away.'


'Management to tree planting. It was a huge step, but the rewards are clear to see.'


'I have a lifetime working at maintaining our farm's ancient woodland. It has been a challenge, worth every single hour of effort.'

If we all plant a few trees and support our carbon we would have a better life.

We would leave a better future for our children, and their children. 


Alone we can plant a few trees, with your help we can plant even more.


Planting a tree is better than the alternative.


Polluted Air not Suitable to Breathe

As we know, it has already happened in some cities. People breathe through masks and it doesn't really work.


Trees are part of the cycle that cleans the air and provides us with oxygen to breathe.

Floods,Draught and Lack of Freshwater

Draught can cause great damage or loss of life. During a flood, trees absorb water and slow down the rain run‑off. No trees, no moisture, no rain, dry season...no water. 


We all have seen children walk miles to get water!


In 21st century, we still have people starving. Land degradation is a virtual 'soil death' which traces its cause back to human overexploitation.


Trees protect the topmost fertile soil so it is not worn away by natural events like rain, wind, and floods.


Trees can conserve soil by increasing the soil organic matter, improving the soil structure, and assisting in nutrient cycling.

Trees are part of the solution

We all have a responsibility to leave something behind!​

Millions of trees have been destroyed every year. In the last few years, we replaced less than we destroy. 

If we do nothing, that is exactly what we will leave behind