We destroy millions of trees every day.

In the last few years, we replaced less than we destroy.


Why 1 More Tree



Our planet NEEDS trees, they clean the air, feed the soil and provide us with the oxygen we breathe. Trees are the lungs of our planet, and we are destroying every day more than we replace.


At 1 More Tree, we are not political, we do not picket or lobby government, we are definitely not fanatical or even tree huggers. We simply think planting a tree is better than the alternative,

How Can You Help


We all have a responsibility to leave something behind, and some trees seem like a good idea.

Shopping with us gives us the funds we need to plant, You can donate some land, plant a few trees yourself, or even sponsor and support our cause.

If we all left a few trees and paid for our carbon we would leave a

better future for our children, and their children. 


If we do nothing that is exactly

what we will leave behind




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