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Our supporters map is updated monthly the last update was on the 31/05/2022


Global destruction of our forests means more Co2 emissions and global warming Without planting fund support, we will fall short in our efforts to support the reforestation of our planet. And a cleaner future for us all. We are grateful for all support we get from businesses as well as individuals and groups.

We initiated this table of support at the beginning of March 2020, and it will be updated on a month by month basis.

HOW OUR FUNDING WORKS – At the end of each month we calculate the funds available for planting, and allocate the funds accordingly. Each month Supporters who have joined or added to their funding will be notified of where their support has been used.

YOU CAN JOIN OUR FUND YOURSELF BY SIMPLY TAKING PART IN THE 1 MORE TREE CHALLENGE>>> or if you want to know how your business could benefit from working together, drop us a line.

Supporters Trees
Lavender bag 860
Amazon 640
Lux UK 290
PC Consultants 200
DG Trading 60
Brian Smith 56
Sandra Overfield 30
Oz Branch 57
Steve and Tracy 25
Dani & Kyle 25
Sean Colson 25
Dave Warren 21
M  Brown 16
The Hobbit 16
Sheffield Guy 14
Sue 3
Brian W 1
Tim Leeds 1
Alex IOW 1
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