Below are the main ways we create 

our planting funds.

If you have a business and want to explore how working together can benefit both the ambitions we would be delighted to chat. 

The latest offering is taking the shape of our simple challenge, you will start to see our little QR code appear everywhere and clicking on it gives you the chance to donate, the cost is marginal and the percentage ending up with trees planted is a minimum of 90%. Donations of any size are always welcome. but we can go a step further, if you want your own QR code and take credit from its use, we can make you your very own code. Display it in your shop or offices or distribute it via your own social media. 

We can make a difference 1 tree at a time.


Or planting project bus Gulliver has for the past 2 years has been used to visit sites and projects, “less for accommodation more for the trees”. It was suggested we turn it into a, 1 more tree billboard, so as usual we went a step further and decided to let you loose on the van, and let you pay for making your mark. we will divide the van into 6 cm sections and you can send us photos images and doodles as long as they are decent we will put them on the van, for a small fee – WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DETAILS

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