Bulgaria now is our only funded project managed and controlled exclusively by 1 More Tree, with the supp[ort of local management and assets.

It is a long-term initiative and is currently about to start its investment. Phase 1 Starting to fund locally grown saplings. Saplings will be used for both our own project as well as to support other charities, forestry commissions as well as municipalities in the region.


The initiative is being started in the North East of the country and will subject to demand, become countrywide over the next few years.


We have donated, and will continue to support- The reason for picking the project was their model of planting and its potential for real sustainability. The investment into trees supports local communities that benefit from supporting trees planting and survival. 

One Tree Planted 


We have started some small donations as well as research of the business model and is currently at the top of our list for new funds – Founded by Matt Hill in 2014 in Shelburne, Vermont, One Tree Planted makes it easy for you to plant a tree just for one dollar. This non-profit was established to create a simple and accessible avenue for individuals and businesses to give back, plant trees, and aid in global reforestation. 

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